Telephone Services

VoIP Phone Service

We work with several VoIP phone service providers to get you the best price for your phone service. We can also upgrade your phone system with the latest carrier-grade desk phones or DECT cordless phones, or you can continue to use your existing phones. If you have older analog telephones and want to continue using them, we can add a simple, low-cost adapter that will allow you to continue using those as well. With VoIP phone service, the possibilities are endless! Since telephone system setup is generally a one-time visit, we cover a much larger geographic area in Utah for telephone installations. Contact us for more information on how we can help you save on and upgrade your telephone service!


Telephone Service

The most popular small business telephone service package is $22/Month total. This is because it is not charged per user; it is charged for minutes used. This can result in huge savings, since you are not paying for every phone, but rather the actual usage of all of your phones. Individuals/families can have an even lower monthly cost. Please note that this option is usually best for small businesses or individuals/families.

Most will want something with more features and unlimited minutes. In this case, our next option is about $16/Month Per User plus taxes and regulatory fees. The majority of our customers go with this option since it has many features at a great price.

Additional options are available which include video conferencing, call center features, or a more traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) offering. Contact us to explore any of these options in more detail!

Phone System Setup

Our phone system setups start at $75. System setups include configuration of the system, 1-3 phones, and a standard Interactive Voice Response System.

Additional setups are available that include setup of more phones or advanced systems.


Phone and adapter prices are also available by request.